Club Coaching Co-Ordinator

Club Coaching Co-Ordinator

By David Lawrence
7 October
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Vacancy has become available

The role of Club Coaching Co-Ordinator has become available within South Woodham Ferrers Rugby Club. The role has responsibility for growing and developing Rugby within the club, ensuring coaches are identified and developed, and enabling the sharing of best practice across all levels within the club.

Interested or want more information? See details below covering key roles and responsibilites or speak with Paul Neal, Youth Chairman or Paul Gregory, Club Chairman.


Responsible to: South Woodham Ferrers Rugby Football Club Main Management Committee


1. Make sure each team has adequate coaching staff to grow and develop.
2. Identify, recruit and develop coaches ensuring sufficient and appropriate coaching staff assigned to each team (including illness cover).
3. Promote coach education and development for coaches at all age groups.
4. Establish the needs of club coaches and signpost them to relevant courses and continuing personal development.
5. Take a long-term view that allows coaches to develop with the team over time.
6. Proactively identify new prospective coaches and ensure they have the support they need to succeed.
7. Understanding publicise the RFU coaching courses and local coaching events.
8. Encourage sharing and sporadic best practice between coaches at different levels.
9. Designed to lead the implementation of a suitable club coach development plan.
10. Gather playing and coaching information from the club to aid national research projects.


1. Must have DBS clearance, before working unsupervised.
2. Must attend First Aid update course.
3. Must attend a Child Protection Training Course, at least every 4 years.
4. Must not have any sexual relationship with any player under the age of 18 years.
5. Must report any player hospitalisation to the Child Safeguarding Officer immediately.
6. Must report any Child Protection incident / suspicion to the Child Safeguarding Officer.
7. To be responsible for the safety of the players in their care.
8. To follow all guidelines laid down by the RFU and abide by the continuum.
9. To ensure all accident / incident reports are recorded and filed in club folder and a record kept in the club house when at home. The Child Safeguarding Officer is to be notified appropriately.

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